Step 1 - Download the FREE LifeWave InTouch App

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❏ Download our FREE powerful smart phone marketing system
❏ Watch the short tutorials in the Training Section of the LifeWave InTouch app
❏ Practice sharing/sending a video to your sponsor… today!

For Step-by-Step Instructions Countries – Languages
  • Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, United States
❏ Set-Up your Monthly Subscription Order: Ensures bonus qualification & prevents volume from flushing

Step 2 - Our Simple Daily Method of Operation (DMO)

1. CONNECT with people heart-to-heart… before presenting

2. PIQUE INTEREST with something like this:
  • Ask “What do you know about Stem Cells?”
  • “I’ve come across a Breakthrough in Affordable Stem Cell Technology”
  • “Are you open to a supplementary income opportunity?”
  • Share relevant X39 and or X49 Success Stories
3. SEND VIDEO via InTouch before sending sample (available in 9 languages)br>

4. GET ALERT will inform you when they open and watch video

5. FOLLOW-UP and take appropriate action after they watch the video
  • Ask “What did you like best about the video?” 
  • Enroll as Customer or Brand Partner (distributor)
  • Send additional video(s)
  • Do a 3-Way Call
  • Offer Sample (optional)
Learn, Practice and Teach this simple DMO

Step 3 - Plug-In To Trainings & Communications

Remember…  you are in business for yourself… but not by yourself

❏ Schedule a Personal Success Planning Session with your upline Sponsor or Mentor right away. ❏ Plug into LiveYounger Team communications, webinars, events and FaceBook groups ❏ Plug into LifeWave Corporate communications, webinars, events and Facebook groups
  • Search for LifeWave’s Business Builders Group on Facebook
  • Register for Weekly Corporate Newsletter ~ From your Back Office => Resources section
  • Register for LifeWave Connect Product & Business Webinars every other Wednesday
  • ~ This is a wonderful resource of Corporate replays and educational videos