Step 1 - Download the FREE LifeWave InTouch App

Begin by watching this short InTouch introductory video.

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❏ Download our FREE powerful marketing system for Apple & Android smart phones
❏ Watch the short tutorials in the Training Section of the LifeWave InTouch App
❏ Practice sharing/sending a video to your sponsor… today!

For Step-by-Step Instructions

REMINDER: Be sure to set-up your Monthly Subscription Order which ensures bonus qualification & prevents volume from flushing.

Step 2 - Our Simple Daily Method of Operation (DMO)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to CONNECT heart-to-heart with people before attempting to pique their interest.  Remember… people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

1. Pique their interest

    • “What do you know about Stem Cells?”
    • “Are you in any pain?”
    • “I’ve recently learned of an Historic Breakthrough in Affordable Stem Cell Technology”
    • “Are you open to a supplementary income opportunity?”
    • Share relevant X39 Success Stories

2. Share videos from your InTouch App or at

  • If sent via the InTouch App an alert will inform you when they watch the video 😊

3. Follow-up and take appropriate action after they watch the video

  • “What interested you most?”
  • “Do you have any questions for me?” 
  • If they’re ready to Enroll… do it now!
  • If they need more information:

4. Enroll them as a Customer or Brand Partner right away!

Step 3 - Stay Connected

Remember…  you are in business for yourself… but not by yourself!

Personal Planning Session 

  • Schedule one with your upline Sponsor or Mentor right away.

Basic Websites

Subscribe to 

  • Corporate Email List for Members in the Resources section of your Back Office
  • ~ Weekly Team Newsletter
  • Webinar Text Reminder System: Text “LiveYounger” to406-225-6088 (US, Canada, Mexico)

❏ Join FaceBook Groups

  • for LiveYounger BP’s  (must answer questions)
  • for LiveYounger Guests, Customers & Brand Partners
  • LifeWave Corporate: Search in FB for “LifeWave’s Business Builders” Group

❏ Weekly Webinar Schedule 

  • Sun 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET – X39 Share & Learn w/ Health Practitioners –
  • Mon 8am PT/11am ET – Morning Miracle Call –
  • Mon 6pm PT/9pm ET – Community Updates & Training –
  • Tues 6pm PT/9pm ET – LifeWave X39 Intro w/ Health Practitioners –
  • Wed 11am PT & 6pm PT- LifeWave Connect Webinars: 1st Wed product and 3rd Wed business
  • Thurs 8am PT/11am ET – 30-Min of Business Training –
  • Thurs 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET – Spanish Webinar –

❏ Replays