About Us

Our Mission & Vision

  • Started in November 2018 by Robin Blanc Mascari when Robin joined as a customer
  • Robin Blanc Mascari has 20+ years of Full Time MLM Leadership Experience
  • Gregory Mascari joined her in April of 2019 and has 30+ years of Field and Corporate MLM Leadership Experience
  • In January 2020, Robin and Gregory were recognized as LifeWaves’s 2019’s Top North Ameican Leaders at the national conference
  • Their global LifeWave LiveYounger team is now over 50,000 strong in the US, Canada, and internationally
  • Together they have created a complete LiveYounger Success System that supports the Sharing, Recruiting, Training and Grow of individuals and teams that join their organization
  • Primary components of the LiveYounger Success System:
    • Weekly Newsletter
    • Regular Weekly Webinars and Conference Calls
    • Private LiveYounger FB Group(s)
    • Getting Started Guide new Distributor Orientation and Training
    • Important training and support documents
    • Custom LifeWave X39 PowerPoint
    • Mentoring and Leadership Training
    • LiveYounger YouTube Channel
    • LiveYounger Training Website 
  • Trusted personal relationship with LifeWave founder and corporate executives

We are readily available for 3-ways, mentoring and leadership support.

Some Of The LiveYounger Leadership Team

Gregory & Robin Blanc Mascari

Senior Presidential Director

For more than thirty years, Gregory has risen from the trenches to the boardroom in network marketing—building companies and organizations totaling over a million representatives and over a billion dollars in global sales. Robin has 20+ successful years full time in network marketing with prior background in corporate leadership development as a trainer, coach and trainer of trainers. Their love for people, devotion to timeless success and relationship principles, and ability to relate to the novice as well as the seasoned professional have been instrumental in their success and ability to develop loyal and devoted cultures and community within the field.

Kai Jacobson

Senior Presidential Director

Kai Jacobson has been a top-tier Network Marketer for 42 years.  He has built groups of over 150,000 members numerous times including Lifewave. He has been with Lifewave since the beginning 17 years ago and is passionate about Lifewave’s cutting-edge technology and products. Especially the newest product, the X39 Stem Cell Patch. He believes in helping people to feel empowered, leading to success in building communities and global teams to help succeed in their business. A father of 2 beautiful daughters, kai presently lives in Puerto Rico.  Holding the belief, that it’s true, the more you help others, the more you get to live your dreams.  Always imagine what is your highest truth and then make it happen.

Judy Daniel

Presidential Director

Judy Daniel has over 20 years of field and corporate network marketing leadership experience, and believes that you have to love both the product and network marketing in order to be successful. With a previous background in education, Judy knows the importance of empowering educating people, and has been a primary driving force in creating our LiveYounger Success training website. Judy also has a strong background in traditional business which is where she developed her love and appreciation for the equal opportunity, win-win nature of network marketing.

Harris Williams

Senior Presidential Director

Harris has over 40 years successful network marketing experience, building and growing several international organization of hundreds of thousands distributors responsible for millions in sales. As a Florida native and resident, growing up by the water made him fall in love with the lifestyle, sports and recreation…. and since he was a teenager he has enjoyed worked more for smiles than for money… which is why his fiends call him a “a professional recreational specialist”. In addition to his legendary success in NWM over the last 4 decades, Harris has also been a sponsored athlete, personal trainer, boat captain and fishing expert, and now proud to be a part of LifeWave’s global expansion and success.

Connie Lucas

Presidential Director

Connie Lucas exemplifies the ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle that so many seek. She enjoys good health, a happy family, and multiple streams of revenue. She is an AADP Certified Health Coach who taught corporate wellness for Cigna for over a decade. She feels a passion for health and wellness. Connie and her husband own several successful debt-free traditional businesses in Scottsdale, Arizona, which they built while raising two amazing daughters. However, they discovered the importance of having a “side gig” in 2020 when the pandemic suddenly forced the shutdown of their “brick-and-mortar” businesses. Connie even contributed to John T. Fleming’s 2021 book, Ultimate Gig, about the “Gig Economy.” Fortunately, Connie had developed a backup income from network marketing. The pandemic gave her an even greater appreciation for the flexibility, freedom, and security of a business that can be worked from home and the internet. During her 16 years of experience in the network marketing profession, Connie’s greatest joy has come from helping others grow into their full potential. People wonder how Connie can manage multiple businesses and still enjoy her lifestyle. Her secret: “It doesn’t feel like work if you love what you do.”