2024 Elite Incentive Trip
Beautiful Bora Bora Is Your Reward

Qualification Period:
August 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024

The location of the 2024 Elite Incentive Trip was revealed at the Black Tie Gala during LifeWave Heart to Heart Convention 2023. It was LifeWave President Meredith Berkich and Senior Vice President of Global Sales Ryan Barson who broke the news that beautiful Bora Bora would be the site and coveted reward for the Elite trip. Keep pushing for your place on the trip as we over two months into qualifying.

Elite Incentive Trip
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Elite Trip Qualification Criteria

  • Achieve the Paid-As Rank of Senior Presidential Director for 12 consecutive weeks during the qualification period.
  • Hold a minimum of 300,000 weekly average GVU with up to but not exceeding 100,000 GVU coming from any enroller tree branch during the qualification period. This means when adding up the GVU for a SPD, any leg/branch that has over 100,000 in a weekly pay period will contribute a maximum of 100,000. Any leg/branch below 100,000 will contribute to the general amount with no changes
  • The tip is limited to the first 50 Brand Partners who meet the Rank and volume criteria