Enrolling Customers

1. Ask this question before enrolling a Customer

Are you open to sharing the patches with others and earning money?” (or words to that effect)

❏  If they reply, “I want to try them for myself first”  

OR “I just want them for myself and/or family.”

  • Enroll them as a Customer

❏  If they reply, “Yes”

  • Enroll them as a Distributor. 
  • Distributors have a position on the binary tree. Customers do not. Distributors can earn money. Customers can earn free products… but not money.

2. Benefits of becoming a Preferred Customer or a Distributor

Retail Customer BENEFITS

♦  Enjoy the benefits of this affordable breakthrough in stem cell technology.

♦ 90-day money-back guarantee on first/initial order. 30-day moneyback guarantee on subsequent orders

♦ Standard Retail Pricing

Preferred Customer BENEFITS

♦ 90-day money-back guarantee on first/initial order. 30-day moneyback guarantee on subsequent orders

♦ $19.95 USD one-time registration fee

♦ Access to a personal mini-Back Office

♦ For the first 5 months, PCs will receive free samples (10 patches) of one of the following: Y-Age Glutathione, Y-Age Aeon, IceWave, Y-Age Carnosine, and Silent Nights

♦ On the 6th month, PCs will receive a free full-size sleeve of X39™ which will be automatically added to the 6th month Monthly Subscription Order. You don’t need to do anything.

♦ In addition, on the 6th month, PCs  select which free FULL-SIZE sleeve (of any of the above) they want to have included in their 6th monthly subscription order.

♦ “3 & Free” program: Preferred Customers (PC) can earn $100 in free products each month

♦ Loyalty Program that gives them 20% back on their subscription purchases toward discounted purchases in the future

Distributor BENEFITS

♦ 30-day money-back guarantee

♦ $25 one-time enrollment fee

♦ No Monthly Subscription requirement

♦ Order one sleeve every 31 days to be eligible for commissions and to not lose Business Volume (BV)

♦ Potential to earn money

♦ State-of-the-art Back Office

♦ Eligible for LifeWave Promotions

♦ Register both Distributors and Preferred Customers

♦ Robust training & support system with our Live Younger team

3. How to Enroll Customers Online


How to Enroll a Customer

  1. Send them your personal website:
  2. LifewaveX39.com/username
  3. Tell them to click on BUY NOW (see image)

See below for instructions ⬇


How to Enroll a Customer

As a PC, you send them your Personal Referral Link to your would-be Customer

To find your personal referral link:

  1. lifewave.com > login (top right hand corner) > enter your username & password
  2. Make a copy of the Referral Link and send it to Prospects

4. How to Enroll Customers by Phone

✅ Customers can register by phone.

Distributors must register online (in order to agree to the Policy & Procedures)

Call Customer Support 

  • Best to be on the call with your future Customer & the Customer Support person
  • Otherwise be sure to give your future Customer your LifeWave ID number +  your first & last name


The US & Canada

  • Weekdays: 6 am – 5 pm PT
  • (866) 202-0065 (North America)

Mexico Customer Service

7:00am – 6:00pm (Mountain Time)

Tel: 800-681-9216 (Toll Free from Mexico) Tel: +1(866) 202-0065

5. Overseas Phone Numbers


Europe Customer Service: Ireland
9:00am – 5:30pm (GMT) / Mon – Thurs
9:00am – 4:00pm (GMT) / Friday
Tel: +353 91 874 600

Taiwan Office
9:00am – 6:00pm GMT+8
Tel: 886-2-5594-1409

Philippines Customer Service
9:00am – 4:00pm GMT+8
Office Local PLDT Phone Number: +63 285 409 558
Globe Cell Number (Viber and WhatsApp): 63 936 957 8380

Japan Customer Service
9:00am — 5:00pm GMT+9
Tel: 03-4520-9638
Tel: 050-3198-1108

Malaysia Customer Service
9:00am — 6:00pm GMT+8
Lunch: 1:00pm — 2:00pm GMT+8
Tel: +60162999252

6. Customer's Back Office

How to LogIn into Back Office
  • Go to LifeWave.com
  • Click on LogIn (top right-hand corner)
  • UserName
  • Password
 From their Back Office, a Customer can…
  • Change their Autoship(then click the green Save button)
  • Change their Autoship date (then click the green Save button)
  • Delete their Autoship: If a Preferred Customer cancels an autoship, they will automatically revert to the retail customer pricing. They can set up another autoship if they wish to avail themselves of the Preferred Customer pricing once again. However, they will no longer be part of the 6-month free-sample program.
  • Order additional product(s)
  • Keep track of their Loyalty points
  • Track when a product has been shipped
  • View entire order history
  • Transfer their PC account to Distributor by clicking on the Join button in the top right-hand corner ($25 USD)
How to Sign-Out: On the left is a list of topics. The sign-out button is at the bottom of the list.

NOTE: See below for further details.

7. How to upgrade from PC to Distributor


Go to LifeWave.com > Log In (top right-hand corner) > enter Username and Password

  1. Cancel your PC Monthly Subscription Order (Autoship)
  2. Click on Join (top right-hand corner)
  3. Select Country
  4. Select Join Now
  5. Now follow the prompts. You will be asked to create a NEW Username & Password. You will receive a new LifeWave ID#


  1. Email Customer Service: customerservice@lifewave.com (Use the email account you have on file with LifeWave)  
  2. For the Subject Heading: PC Termination
  3. For the body of your email typeMy name is _____ and my PC ID# is _______. Please terminate my Preferred Customer account effective immediately. Thank you.”