The contents of the Clinic and Practitioner Info-Pack is to provide sufficient science and benefits of LifeWave Phototherapy Patches for even the most cautious practitioners and clinics. 

  • Documents #1 & 2 present the benefits of LifeWave patches for Clinics, Practitioners and their Patients
  • Documents #3-7 provide validation with Testimonials, X-39 Patent and Scienceo Documents #8 & 9 provide Getting Started Tips and sample Possible Earnings


1. Clinic Benefits 1-page statement of benefits for Clinics & Practitioners

2. Client Health Benefits: 2-page easily duplicated patient take home w ith health tracker

3. Testimonials: 3 pages of Testimonials with  pictures 

3.1 Stem Cell Testimonials: Optional for Stem Cell CLinics

4. X39 Patents: Activates GHK-Cu Copper Peptide

5. Fast Facts on X39: Pilot and Double Blind Study results

6. Science &Research Summary: 16 page summary of all research from  Science section of website where all of the entire studies can be found and downloaded

7. The X39 Story: 55-page X39 Story from website, which alone is many times enough for a practitioner to see

8. Tips for Adding LifeWave Patches to Your Practice: Intended to help a practitioner make decision and know how to start

9. Clinic Samples Earnings: Potential earnings for small and large practices