For Teams that regularly plug into the LiveYounger Success System

► Each New Manager earns a $50 bonus

► Each Manager Maker earns $50 bonus

New Director Bonus $250/$250

► Each New Director earns a $250 bonus

► Each Director Maker earns $250 bonus

Updated 6/7/24 9:00 pm MT

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$15,000Raised $15,000 towards the $15,000 target.$15,000Raised $15,000 towards the $15,000 target.100%

For Teams that regularly plug into the LiveYounger Success System

Contest Guidelines – Starts March 5, 2024

1.  Each Participating Director is responsible to verify New Managers & Manager Makers in their Downline

2. Upline Director is responsible for entering New Manager & Manager Maker  in online web form 

3. First 100 Managers & their upline Manager Makers will be based on date/time stamp of submission, Not date/time achieved.

4. At completion of 100…new Managers &  qualified Manager Makers will receive a congratulations letter and request for payment info. 

5. Must be an Active Manager or above to earn the Manager Maker Bonus (Lifetime Rank achieved of Manager or above)

6. New Director Bonus (effective 4/8/24) earn a $250 bonus and the Upline Director or above who helped them also earn a $250

We are no longer accepting New Managers

We are no longer accepting New Directors

LiveYounger $15,000 March
Manager Maker Matching Bonus Program5

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