Stay Active

Why Stay Active (qualified)?

Options to Stay Active

Staying ‘ACTIVE’ is very important. In order to do so, you must maintain at least 55 PV every 31 days. This ensures that your volume will not be lost.

 It means that at the end of the week, your volume is saved and not flushed. In other words, any excess volume is not lost at the end of the week and is carried forward to the next week. The end of the week is Sunday, 11:59 pm Pacific Time 

2. You must be Active (with a minimum of 55PV) to be eligible to earn Bonus Cycle commissions. Once you’re a Manager and eligible to earn Matching Bonuses, you need to be a Gold & Active with a minimum of 110 PV.  

  • PV= Personal Volume
  • X39 sleeve = 77 BV = 77 PV
  • Standard sleeve = 55 BV = 55 PV (anything other than an X39 sleeve is called a standard sleeve)

3. Here’s how to know if you’re Active each week.

  • The week starts at 12:00 am Pacific Time each Monday and ends at Sunday night at 11:59 pm PT.
  • From your Back Office > Home > Real-Time Qualifications > Active
  • What you want to see is a green checkmark which means Active this period/week. Active next period.
  • There is an “Active Key” on this page that describes each of the four symbols (green checkmark, yellow… etc)

1. Monthly Subscription Order

  • We like to think of this as your “Income Assurance Plan.” This way your volume never flushes and you never miss a check.
  • Your product of choice will be sent to you automatically every month!
  • From your Back Office > Store > Patches > select Autoship (not the Buy option)
  • Your Best Value: X39/X49 Performance Bundle only $169.95,  a $30 savings!

2. Place a Monthly Order 

  • Just don’t forget!
  • From your Back Office > Store > select the patches you want > select Buy

3. Upgrade Kits 

  • Great value. Back Office > Store > Upgrade Kits

4. Personally-Sponsored Customer Orders 

  • Your personally sponsored Customer Orders count towards your PV.
  • You can actually cover your PV requirements by having enough active Customers.

5. Maintenance Packs 

  • Cover your monthly PV requirement for either 3 or 6 months.
  • Save on shipping.
  • Your volume trickles out over the 3- or 6-month period keeping you Active.
  • From your Back Office > Store > Maintenance Pack.