5 Ways to Stay Active

Why Stay Active

What is required to stay ACTIVE

  • A minimum of 55 PV every 31 days
    • One standard sleeve = 55 PV.  or
    • One X39 or X49 = 77 PV

What happens if I’m not ACTIVE?  

  • Your accumulated volume will flush (i.e. disappears forever!)

★ Binary Commissions

  • Being ACTIVE is one of the eligibility requirements for earning Binary Commissions

What is Volume?

Volume is a measure that represents the value of the products purchased by Customers and Brand Partners. There are two kinds of volume:

  1. Personal Volume (PV): Represents the product purchases made by you AND/OR by your personal customers (see #3 option below for details)
  2. Business Volume (BV): Refers to the product purchases made by members of your team and their personal customers

1. Monthly Subscription Order (MSO)

★  This is your BEST option when starting your business. 

Each month your order is automatically shipped to you. The MSO guarantees that your Volume does not flush (i.e. disappears forever) 31 days after your last purchase. (See Active status above)

How to set up a Monthly Subscription Order

Sign in to your Back Office

  • Go to STORE
  • Select the product(s) you want
  • Then click ADD TO MONTHY SUBSCRIPTION ORDER (see image)

Note: When you add the X30/X49 Promotion Bundle to your MSO, you receive an additional $10 discount when your MSO  processes.

2. Upgrade to Larger Kits

Upgrade Kits Provide Best Value 

  • Purchasing an Upgrade Kit is a far better choice than ‘shopping’ from the STORE to purchase additional products
  • When you Upgrade you pay the difference between the Kits + you receive the difference between the number of sleeves in each Kit

Upgrade Kit Can Replace Your MSO for that Month

  • Be sure to move your MSO forward one month

Sign in to your Back Office to Order

  • STORE > UPGRADE KITS (see diagram)
  • Select the Upgrade Kit you wish to purchase
  • Choose the products you want to add to your Upgrade Kit
  • When the bar at the bottom of the page turns green, you know your Kit is full.

3. Personal Customers

The collective volume from your Personal Customers 

  • This cumulative/collective volume from your personal customers’ purchases is added to your lesser volume leg at the end of the month (above and beyond your 110 personal volume) 

4. Maintenance Kits

AFTER you’ve purchased or upgraded to the Gold Kit (or above), we recommend you consider ordering  MAINTENANCE KITS to get the best value. 

  • Save on shipping. All products are shipped at once 
  • Remain ACTIVE for either 3 months or 6 months depending on which Kit you select

LifeWave X39® / X49™ Maintenance Pack 3 (six months)

  • This pack contains 9 sleeves of LifeWave X39® and/or X49™ (USD 749.50) 
  • Maintains your Active Status at 110 BV for 6 months!
  • Keeps you qualified at the Manager Rank with the required 110 PV/month
  • Save on shipping  

NOTE: When you want to purchase the ALAVIDA TRIO, I recommend ordering it as a Maintenance Kit because it keeps you Active @ 55 BV for not just one but two months! This can replace your MSO for two months if you so desire.

Sign in to your Back Office to Order

  • STORE > MAINTENANCE KITS (see diagram)

5. Shop from your Store Every Month

Place an order for a minimum of 55 BV every 31 days. 

Just don’t forget. Otherwise, all your accumulated volume will flush (i.e. disappear forever) 31 days after your last order. 

How to Shop

Sign in to your Back Office

  • STORE > ALL PRODUCTS (OR Promotions… Performance Bundle… Patches… Nutritional Supplements… or Skin Care)