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    • What are Stem Cells?
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    • “X39™ & Stem Cells” – a David Schmidt webinar

✓ Stem Cells are the master cells and building blocks of the entire body

✓ It is their job to naturally repair and renew

✓ Stem cells are found throughout the body in various tissues and organs

✓ Stem cells replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue by entering the bloodstream, where they migrate to areas most in need of repair and renewal

The above images are from David Schmidt’s webinar: X39 & Stem Cells

Stem Cells

1. REPAIR SYSTEM: In adults, stem cells serve as the body’s repair system

  • Stem cells possess the capability of dividing to replenish themselves 
  • Stem cells are cells that have the potential to change into other types of cells in the body during growth and development 

2. DIFFERENTIATION: Stem cells also possess the capability of turning into specialized organ cells in a process called differentiation

  • It is through stem cell differentiation that stem cells can replace damaged organ cells
  • It is through the replacement of damaged cells by new organ cells – derived from stem cells – that regeneration occurs
  • Since stem cells are the precursor to every cell in the body, the potential exists to regenerate the body from damage, even entire organs or entire limbs
  • The use of stem cells to treat human diseases is now termed regenerative medicine.