Updates from the LifeWave Team

The Temporary Situation

As many of you are aware, a few weeks ago we received notification from Health Canada that we need to provide additional documentation to support our claims made for 8 of our products currently being sold in Canada. 

Our top priority is to resolve this request and we are engaged in an ongoing discussion with Health Canada. While we work to complete this process, Health Canada has instructed us to pause selling and distributing these products in Canada.

  1. X39 Patches
  2. X49 Patches 
  3. Energy Enhancer Patches
  4. Y-Age Carnosine Patches
  5. Y-Age Glutathione Patches
  6. Y-Age Aeon Patches
  7. Silent Nights Patches
  8. SP6 Complete Patches 
  • Alavida and IceWave are not impacted at all. 

We are confident that this will be reconciled, but we do not have a date as of yet when these products will again be offered for sale in Canada. 


The LifeWave Team.

How to Shop NFR

NFR = Not-For-Resale

To make sure there’s no interruption in your ability to purchase these eight (8)-products, they have been made available for personal use as not-for-resale (NFR) from our US website and distribution center.

When shopping on LifeWave.com in Canada, hover over the “Products” tab in the navigation bar and select “Not for Resale.” 

This will allow Members in Canada to continue to use and enjoy the benefits of these 8 patches. 

  • These patches are US products and sent from our US warehouse, they will be a separate order from your Canadian order
  • As mentioned, free standard shipping will be offered until a resolution is reached. 


Please know we are working diligently with our internal operations team, our regulatory consultant, and Health Canada to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.


The LifeWave Team.

Shipping costs for NFR products

For this unfortunate inconvenience:

  • LifeWave will be covering the cost of standard shipping, import taxes, and duties on NFR products for our Canada members. 
  • Why? NFR products are shipped from the US accruing separate charges.

Canadian Enrollment Kits

Please note that these 8 mentioned products will not be available as part of Canadian enrollment kits.

  • Alavida & IceWave are available