Facebook Groups

1. LiveYounger FB Group [Our team’s private group for LW Brand Partners]


Your posts & engagement are appreciated & valued! Members post and engage in business-building activities, empowered by mentorship, training and support. Let’s celebrate our wins, and how we’re making a difference. When welcoming new members, please do so by tagging them in a post relevant to helping kick start their business endeavors.

Live Younger is designed for Brand Partners. All members joining need to provide their sponsor’s first & last name, as well as their LW ID number to facilitate approval. Please communicate the purpose of the group & how to join with your new Brand Partners.

Please keep all posts relevant to the business and community (no hashtags and only approved LW links allowed). Share your current level of wellness and vitality versus disease or meds that treat illness or conditions. (Key words will trigger auto removal.) Our community is designed for business support and encouragement – please leave political or religious conversations out of the group, and no promoting of any company or practice you own (including links to your own sites or non-LW brands, products, logos and protocols). Most of all, let’s be positive and encouraging in supporting each other & our collective efforts to grow and impact a billion lives!

2. LiveYounger FB Vibrant Living [Our team’s private group for creating community, sharing stories/testimonials, engaging prospects, customers & brand partners and increasing retention]

This is a safe and curiosity-driven community…a positive, encouraging and uplifting group. There is no reference to LifeWave or the specific names of the patches. However, you will find many testimonials which create curiosity. It is also a valuable way to educate on the benefits of patching, provide access to hundreds of testimonials, develop, grow & nurture relationships, and allow your prospects & customers room to explore without any pressure.

HOW TO INVITE your friends, Customers and Brand Partners to join:

  • First, let them know that you’d like to invite them (permission inviting is the most successful way to engage people in the group)
  • Second, click on the word Invite from within the Vibrant Living FB page
  • Third, welcome them by tagging them in the comments of the announcement video post and remind them you are available to help with any questions
  • Fourth, follow up to make sure they accept the invitation/click Join to fully begin interacting in the group
  • Finally, you are ready to tag them in the comments of relevant posts and begin engaging them in content related to their particular interests
  • Tag them once they have joined.

Inviting Tips: Make sure to personally invite people, keep track of your contacts, follow up to verify they click Join to accept the invitation and avoid what FB may consider spam inviting. (Algorithms may be triggered by inviting large numbers of people at one time, too many too quickly, or inviting large numbers of those who are not already your FB friends to join groups.)

Most of all, we love your stories of overcoming in Vibrant Living! Please share your current level of wellness and vitality – how you used to be and how you have improved. (Photos – particularly before & after – are highly engaging and helpful.) You can even describe patches used without naming them by referring to the benefits in approved marketing materials. Please be aware of not naming LW, our owner/inventor or patch names in any posts or comments.

Remember – we can’t be all things to all people! However, when we each share our unique stories and victories, we have a better chance of impacting more lives with the amazing potential through patching!

3. LifeWave FB Business Builder Group

Stay connected with LifeWave Corporate. Tune in daily for trainings, announcements, recognition and more. 

TO JOIN Click here:

www. LifeWave Business Builder Private FB Group