Benefits: Customers & Brand Partners

Retail Customer Benefits
  • Monthly Subscription Order is not required
  • 30-day first-order money-back guarantee
  • Purchase at full retail price
Preferred Customer (PC) Benefits
  • $19.95 membership fee
  • Saves 33%. Purchase at wholesale price
  • 30-day first-order money-back guarantee
  • Monthly Subscription Order required
  • For full details on the numerous PC perks: 
  • Can earn points towards free products but cannot earn an income
  • Can always upgrade to be a Brand Partner
Brand Partner Benefits
  • $25 membership fee
  • Saves 33%. Purchase at wholesale price
  • 30-day first-order money-back guarantee
  • Monthly Subscription Order is highly recommended
  • Can enroll Customers & Brand Partners and earn income
  • Personal website & state-of-the-art Back Office
  • Robust training & support system from our LiveYounger team
  • Eligible to earn an income
4 Ways to Earn
  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Product Introduction Bonuses
  3. Binary Commissions
  4. Matching Bonuses

How to Enroll Customers & Brand Partners

Ask this question before enrolling

Are you open to sharing the patches with others and earning money?” (or words to that effect)

❏  If they reply: I want to try them for myself first” OR…”I just want them for myself and/or family.”
  • Enroll them as a Customer
  • They click on BUY NOW to enroll as a Customer
❏  If they reply: “Yes.”
  • Enroll them as a Brand Partner
  • They click on JOIN to enroll as a Brand Partner

New US Website

Customer - Shop
Brand Partner - Join

Canada & Other Countries Website

Customer - Buy Now
Brand Partner - Join

How to Enroll Customers

Enroll as many Customers as possible.


Retail & Preferred Customer Commissions 
Share LifeWave technology with others & each time your Customers purchase, you earn retail commissions and Personal Volume (PV)
  • Earn 33% on Retail Customers
  • Earn 20% on Preferred Customer

How to Enroll Brand Partners

Enroll as many Brand Partners as possible.


Product Introduction Bonuses 
You earn set bonuses on Enrollment Product Kits and Upgrade Kits that your Brand Partners order.
  • Earn 15% – 31% on Enrollment Kits
  • See the chart below for earnings per Kit


  1. PHONE: The easiest method is to enroll by phone. Weekdays, 7 am – 6 pm MT (866) 202-0065 (be sure to give them your LifeWave ID #)

    Click here for Full List of Customer Service numbers
  2. ONLINE: Send them your personal replicating website: > Click BUY NOW/ Shop(see image above)
    Click here for step-by-step instructions.


  • ONLINE ONLY: Send them your personal replicating website: > Click JOIN (see image above)
  • They select the Enrollment Kit of their choice
  • Suggest they subscribe to a Monthly Subscription Order while enrolling
for Enrollment Kit options
  1. Send a Customer Welcome Letter
  2. Give your new Customer a personal tour of
  3. Invite them to join our team’s weekly LiveYounger product Zoom calls: > Weekly Zoom Schedule 
  4. Continue educating your Customers on the benefits of the patch benefits
    1. Send a Brand Partner Welcome Letter
    2. Schedule the Getting to Know You and Business Planning Session within 24 – 72 hours
    3. Encourage them to join the LiveYounger and the LifeWave webinars
    4. Give them a personal tour of or Watch the Onboarding Tour
    5. Give them a personal tour of
    6. Show them how to get paid: • Back office>  Home page > Your Commissions section. A blue iPortal Button will appear once you earn commissions. Click on the button & follow the instructions.