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Why LifeWave... Why Now
Why LifeWave... Why Now with Gregory & Robin Blanc Mascari 5.28.19 

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Head Pain Patch Placement
Whole Body
Pain Patch Placement

Aromatherapy Mists

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Join Founder, Inventor, and CEO
David Schmidt for a special educational experience as he shares his insight and expertise on the features and benefits of Shine & Dream!

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InTouch Training W/ Gregory Mascari
2022 Convention SPD Gregory Mascari - DMO
LYS 90 Day Blueprint
90 Day Game Plan
Daily Tracking Form
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Thursday 30-Min of Biz Training - How to of Home Meetings
Trade Show & Event Guideline
Poster for Displays
Poster for Displays

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New Company Website

LifeWave.com Overview Video

This short video presentation highlights the exciting features of the new LifeWave.com.

Personalized home page tutorial video

Set up your personalized home page and help your teams with this simple-to-follow instructional video.

Personalized home page PDF

This PDF outlines each step with simple-to-follow instructions to personalize your profile.  Click Here

X49 Product Sheet
X39 VS X49
LiveYounger VistaPrint Pro-Shop
Price & Profit Sheet
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9. Post Convention 2022


LifeWave CEO, Founder, and Inventor David Schmidt at the 2022 LifeWave Convention in Orlando Florida revealed his first 15-foot wingspan drone that is set for test flights this September!

David explained that the purpose of building a fleet of HIGH-TECH SUPER-EFFICIENT DRONES is to provide humanitarian aid to people in need after natural and man-made disasters.

The expected test flights will validate load capacity of over 250 lbs, be able to stay  in the air for around 90 hours… simply amazing!

New technology is being used in the drone and will potentially be used in our future product lines.

LifeWave Drones are built eco-friendly and fuel-efficient.  David and his team have developed the engine and battery system making the LifeWave drone capable of setting World Records for time in the air and distance traveled. In addition the air emitted by this engine is cleaner than the air it takes in for its propulsion.

We are on a Global Longevity, Wellness, Health, and Humanitarian MISSION to help billions of people.

Shine Bright, Dream Big

Say Hello to Aroma Therapy

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Shine Bright, Dream Big

Adding to the legacy that Founder, Inventor, and CEO David Schmidt established with his innovative patch technology, we’re excited to introduce an additional wellness category coming soon to LifeWave

Say Hello to your New Morning & Evening Essentials

Infused with a science-backed blend of natural ingredients and energized with proprietary structured water, LifeWave‘s new aromatherapy mists allow you to breathe in the essence of energy and relaxation when you need it most.

Rapid, energizing results on the go. Feelings of peace when it’s time to unwind and relax.

Get yours soon!

Official Launch Dates
US & EU – Fall 2022
Worldwide – 2023


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