Steps 4-5-6-7

4. Jump Start Your Business

Watch this 30-minute Getting Started video with Senior Presidential Directors Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari

Watch this Getting Started video with Senior Presidential Director Connie Lucas (57-min)

5. Explore Your Personal LifeWave Website & Back Office

  • Your personal website for sharing with prospects:
  • Log in to your personal website and explore your  Back Office
  • If you have not already done so, in the Store section of your Back Office we recommend Setting-Up a Monthly Subscription Order to ensures bonus qualification and prevent volume from flushing

6. Successful Sampling Tips

  • Giving a sample gift of an X39™ can change someone’s life… and change your business too!
  • This is a powerful and proven process used by many of LifeWave’s most successful leaders and teams to engage and enroll new Customers and Distributors
  • You can increase your success in getting people to watch our compelling videos by offering to provide them a Free X39™ sample
  • We recommend that you do NOT send a sample until after they have watched a video from your InTouch App. Say something like: “I’d be happy to send you a sample…  but first I’d like to send you a short 3-minute video.  If that interests you, I’ll be happy to you send a sample.”
  • Experienced samplers have experimented to find the optimum number of patches to give: One is usually best!
  • When you follow-up, be sure to offer them the LifeWave 30-day Risk Free Trial
  • Some feel it fast… some feel it slow… but we know that X39™ always begins to work at the cellular level for everyone from the very first day

7. Getting Started Guidebook & Video

If you want to learn more about our Proven Plan of Action and take your business to the next level click below to download the Getting Started Guidebook.


Watch the video below and Senior Presidential Director Gregory Mascari will give you a page-by-page walkthrough and explanation (30-minute video)